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The Manganese Adventure

The Manganese AdventureAuthors: Bruce Cairncross, Nicolas J. Beukes and Jens Gutzmer

The Northern Cape manganese deposits of South Africa are world-famous. The largest land-based deposits of manganese are found here. The Kalahari manganese field and the Postmasburg region are also steeped in South African exploration and mining history. The geological formations of these deposits are also world-famous. Some of the mineral specimens found here have made the manganese fields a premier mineral-producing region. This book, “The Manganese Adventure”, records all of the fascinating aspects of these ancient deposits. It traces the discovery of manganese from early times, describes the usage of manganese, its worldwide distribution and focuses on the history and development of firstly, the Postmasburg deposits and then the Kalahari field. An in-depth chapter describes the geology of the region, and this section is supplemented by geological maps, cross-sections, models of ore formation, scenic pictures and historical diagrams. The main photographic section of the book contains over 200 full-colour pictures of (every) photogenic mineral that has ever been found in the manganese and iron mines. There are also lists of minerals, paragenetic tables, a detailed index and a bibliography.

If you are at all interested in manganese, the minerals of the manganese fields, the geology and history of the region, economic geology, Africana, or are merely attracted by the beauty of a part of South Africa’s natural heritage, then this book is for you.

About the authors

Bruce Cairncross is Associate Professor in the Geology Department at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and has been photographing minerals for several years. Most of the mineral pictures in this hook are his work. He also acted as coordinator and Editor of the hook.

Nicolas J Beukes is a Professor of Geology at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). He is a recognised world expert of South Africa’s manganese deposits and he wrote the sections on the usage of manganese, the historical overview and the geology.

Jens Gutzmer is a post-doctoral researcher in the Geology department at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). He has a Masters degree and a Doctoral dissertation dealing with the Northern Cape manganese deposits. and he contributed to the mineralogical content of the book.


Size:   302mm x 220 mm

Paper: Ikonofix Matt Art 135 gsm

Binding & Finish: Hard cover with dust jacket

Page count: 250 pages

Print process:  Full colour ink process throughout

Over 250 full colour photographs

62 full colour maps and line diagrams

Written, designed and printed in South Africa to the most exacting quality control standards

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